Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all of the photographs, artefacts, illustrations, moving images, vectors and video clips (individually and collectively referred to as “content”), which have been created by me, have usage restrictions, and cannot be used (alone or in part) without my expressed written permission.

The usage restriction applies (but is not restricted) to copying, reproducing, modifying, editing, synchronising, performing, displaying, printing, screen grabbing, broadcasting, publishing, or otherwise making use of content.

The usage restriction also applies to content in other formats such as print, scans, digital duplications or any other medium of reproduction.

All rights reserved: Femi holds Copyright on all aforementioned content, on this website or off it, and the right runs perpetually.

If you are interested in using any of the content, please select the CONTACT button, complete the email form and send it. Your request will be processed and you will receive a response.

If consent is granted, attribution to Femi Odelusi (as the content creator) must be made.

All rights reserved. © Femi Odelusi 2023

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