Biography - Femi Odelusi Photography


Femi Odelusi is a pro photographer, aspiring to be one of the best (learning with every click of the camera).

Based in the United Kingdom, Femi has covered numerous Award Winning events, in the UK and other countries.

Developing a creative style that is not just-taking-pictures, but utilising state of the art equipment and technology in creating imagery and storylines, documenting history and producing artefacts that are pleasing to view.

A clean, bold, and unique style has become the hallmark of Femi's work, whether shooting advertising campaigns, social events, family, street photography, night shooting, or sports.

Femi is renowned for his creativity and collaboration in order to create innovative styles. 

The years up to 2017 were memorable years in Femi's development from being an enthusiast to becoming pro, filled with significant milestones.

In 2018, Femi is consolidating on these and aiming to achieve even more.

Femi Odelusi, Joe McNally

The Photography Show 2017 (TPS2017) at Birmingham NEC, 20 March 2017
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